She Loves People More than Anything but Goodies me as a Good friend

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She Loves Me More than Anything but Treats me as a Friend - What to do

2)?If this is your feelings maybe you need to believe in oneself and must have trust in each and my thinking is that friendship is just about the important foundations to some good relationship therefore cherish that and work with it in that way. Otherwise move on and see if you possibly could live with out the woman and that friendship All the best.

3)?You have to confront the woman’s for your peace involving mind…… The longer you overlook it on, the longer you may become doubtful involving yourself! If you are offering the best of yourself after that she should be also. Love is sufferer, kind, does not anger nor does it include! Communication is key. The lord bless! I hope things workout!

4)?Is this a relationship with convenience? Does the lady need you to be a roommate? If she’s being sneaky and hiding things….maybe look at asking to look at the girl’s phone and see exactly how she reacts.

5)?Request her directly. I am talking about in a serious one particular. (hold her palms, talk in a minimal voice, control your thoughts , and lastly look in the woman eyes) I hope it might help.

6)?Wow…. This is terrible…. measures really do speak more louder than words in order that is what matters most…. they must be in denial for those who tell her about this and she or he has no idea what you really are talking about….

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